Dialing instructions:

Dial '99533' + country code without ‘00’ + number
For example:
For calls to the UK you dial:
(99533) + (44) + (number)

There are NO monthly fees with Teleale. You are only charged for calls actually made and charges appear on your regular phone bill.

No signup or registration needed, you can use Teleale right away and profit from our extremely low rates.

If you have further questions regarding our services, please click here for our FAQ list. If you wish to contact us, please click here.

Super deals:snt/min
Sveitsi (Matkapuhelin)4
Brittilaiset neitsysaaret (Matkapuhelin)4
Mikronesia (Mobil)4
San Marino (Mobil)4
Singapore (Matkapuhelin)4
NorthMarianes (Matkapuhelin)4
Länsi-Samoa (Matkapuhelin)4
Kreikka (Matkapuhelin)4
Saksa (Matkapuhelin)4
Luxemburg (Matkapuhelin)4